2007 Culver/Judge Inauguration at the Hancher, Iowa City, IA- Flags and Banners
African American Museum, Cedar Rapids, IA- Exhibit Display
Journeyman Electricians Training Program, Cedar Rapids, IA- Exhibit Display
R&B Painting, Cedar Rapids, IA- Vehicle Graphics
Cookie Stop, Cedar Rapids, IA- Signage
Coffee Emporium, Cedar Rapids, IA- Coffee Bitch Shirts
O’Neal & Sons, Cedar Rapids, IA- Logo, Business Cards, Signage & Vehicle Graphics
Angel Fingerprints, USA- Logo and Vehicle Graphics

              Feature Film and Television
Collapse (2010) Art Director and Lead Graphic Artist
Splatter: Love, Honor and Paintball (2009) Lead Graphic Artist
Megafault (2009) Graphic Artist
The Offering (2009) Graphic Artist
Spread (2012) Graphic Artist